Business Change Management

Change is inevitable. Your business influenced with various internal and external environmental factors. You will succeed if you face with the Change. We assist you and your team to adopt the Change and face the world's Challenge

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Software Architecture Consulting

Software Architecture is backbone of the enterprise. Unfortunately it has been majorly ignored. We conduct Review and Audit of your current or future Software. Recommend the Architecture Upgradations to make it Future Ready Software

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Business Mentoring

Our Specialized Business Consultants and Evangelists guide you and your team time to time to overcome from any business problems and faster the business growth

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–Tech-Jedi and Startup strategies Overlord

–More than twenty years of experience

–Large scaled solutions and client engagement from USA, Europe, Dutch, Middle-East and India

–Rare combination of Strategic Leadership & Directive Leadership

–Led various  startups initiatives, like setting up RnD, new product / services offerings, setting up PMO, CMMi appraisals, and organizational due diligence, Agile processes framework, Cloud Computing, SaaS-and-SOA Solutions, Product R&D, ISVs , cross-cultural-and-cross-functional teams, Solution-and-System Architecture, Business Process Reengineering & consulting, and delivery & support.

–Architectures & Web based Applications on Cloud Computing, Real time Business Intelligence, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM, CRM, ESB, SOA, SaaS, EAI, VAS, ODP, BSS-OSS, etc.

–Charted-out strategies & introducing transformational changes thereby contributing towards enhancing business volumes & growth; also these are based on market-trends & competitive environmental factors and establishing positive image of organization into global market place and clientele.



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We Leverage our:

  • Deep category knowledge
  • Market insight
  • Best-in-class tools.

–Technology products, services, and Consulting

–Vast experienced industry leaders

–Value partners, advisors, associates and mentors

–Startups & growing organizations Specialists

–With international standards - products and services